Madikeri Eco Friendly Resort


At Wood Greens, we leave no stone unturned to give you the most luxurious holiday. Yet, no stone is turned unnecessarily, and the natural balance of man and his environment is preserved and protected.

What you get with us are the world's most exclusive holidays, experienced in perhaps the most inclusive way. Holidays which take you away from the familiarity of one world, whilst drawing you into the bosom of another. Where you are drawn into the warp and weft of the indigenous culture without losing out on the luxuries that are your privilege.

An experience that helps you discover that the mind, body, and soul are in perfect harmony when you are at one with the spirit of the land.

Rooms & Suits

If God was in the details, this would be a pilgrimage. No effort, nor expense, has been spared to make your dwelling an absolute haven of luxury, while highlighting the romance of ethnic style.

From the architecture to the interiors, from the fittings to the bric-a-brac, every little detail has been seamlessly integrated within a vernacular vision, to ensure that your body and soul are infused with the spirit of the land.


While the sheer natural beauty of our resorts titillates the senses, bodily sustenance isn’t far behind.

The kitchens of Wood Greens are famed for the originality and sumptuousness of their platters, and our guests are pampered with a spread of culinary concoctions that defy description.

Made from the freshest and finest produce, and served in some of the most spectacular settings, The Wood Greens repast offers an extensive selection of the finest in Continental, North and South Indian cuisines.

Our table also boasts a creative vernacular flavour with chefs conjuring up delicacies inspired by the local food idiom.

So you can choose to begin your day with an English breakfast, move on to a sumptous Kebab spread for lunch, and then sample the local cuisine at night with some Kodava Pandhi Curry.


While the luxuries of your villa might make you consider inactivity the perfect form of activity, Wood Greens Rooms & Suitsoffers enough temptations to step out of your comfort zone.

Our activities are designed around the philosophy that you should go back enriched by the Wood Greens Experience. So, whether it be the evening with tirbal dance; visit to the local tribal village or exploring the countryside on a bicycle; an early morning wildlife safari or trekking in the mountains of the resort or going for fishing. The platter of activities is designed to draw you out, and help you become part of the rich and varied nature and culture of the land.