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Wellness Programs

Woodgreens boasts of having one of the leading Traditional Ayurveda Wellness center in Kerala, offering Ayurveda Rejuvenation, Relaxation, Detoxification Packages and Panchakarma Treatments for all sort of health problems with the help of Experienced Ayurveda Doctors and Medical staff.

धर्म्मार्थ काममोक्षाणामारोग्यं मूलमुत्तमम् ।
रोगास्तस्यापहर्त्तारः श्रेयसो जीवितस्य च ।।

Meet The Experts

OUR Ayurveda Doctors

Dr. Prasanth Attupuram | BAMS, FOR Former Lecture Govt Ayurveda Medical College, Pariyaram, Kerala.

Dr. Sunita | BAMS, MD
Associate Professor, Ayurveda Medical College, Parassinikkadav.


Special Kerala Massage done using Medicated oils for body & head.

(PATRA POTALA SWEDAM) : Massage done by using cloth bags filled with herbal leaves

(SHASTIKA PINDA SVEDAM) : Massage done by using linen bags filled with cooked navara rice frequently warmed in medicated milk.

Massage done by applying cooked Navara rice

(CHOORNA PINDA SWEDAM) : Massage done by cloth bags filled with warm herbal powder

Massage done by cloth bags filled with Bran (outer covering of Cereals)

A massage done in upward direction with pressure using dry warm herbal powder

Pouring warm medicated liquid called Dhanyamlam all over the body

Medicated oil kept inside a boundary made of black gram paste over low back area

Medicated oil kept inside a boundary made of black gram paste over knees especially in Osteoarthritis

Medicated oil kept inside a boundary made of black gram paste over neck especially in Cervical Spondylosis

Internal administration of Medicated ghee or oil in increasing doses each day with strict restrictions on diet & daily activities.

Medicated oil/paste kept on the middle of head for a specific period of time

Head is packed with a herbal paste & covered by Banana leaves for a specific period of time. Ingredients are dried, Goosebery Pulp grinded in buttermilk or other herbs suitable for condition is used

Medicated oil kept inside a boundary made of black gram paste over chest.

Cotton pieces soaked in warm medicated oil kept on affected part for a specific period of time. Warm oil is applied over them frequently.

Sitting in a tub filled with warm medicated liquids after proper oil application on body

A herbal poultice using herbal pastes & after suitable liquids to keep on the affected part for some time. this will be covered with herbal leaves like Ricinus, Calotropis etc

Herbal face pack using special herbal paste.

Application of Medicated milk steam on affected body parts.

Removing the vitiated blood from body by various methods like leeching etc.

Pouring of warm medicated decoctions all over the body.

Pouring medicated oil or medicated milk

Pouring warm medicated oil all over the body using cloth pieces dipped in oil for a specific period of time.

Pouring medicated liquid on forehead in a continuous stream for a specific period of time. According to liquid used Shirodhara can be different types like

  • Tailadhara : with medicated oil
  • Takradhara : with medicated buttermilk
  • Ksheeradhara : with medicated milk

Warm medicated oil is kept over the head for specific period of time inside a leather cap.

A massage by slightly wetting the herbal power



Medically induced Vomitting.


Medically induced Purgation


Nasal Administration of Medicines


Administration of Medicated Oils through anal route.


Enema done with mixture of honey, salt, herbs, medicated oils/ghee.

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